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App Type:Action Shooting

[Metal slug 5] Introduction

Metal slug 5 [1.0.2]

horizontal version of the classic shooting game. After taking control of the SNK PLAYMORE series game development, "the king of fighters" and "metal slug" and so on for the FANS to see more surprise. The metal slug five generations the picture style is no big change, although still is a 2 d horizontal version of the pass, but the game look out of the still hot! Relate to cope with the intensifying conflict in the world, PF army special forces team began to develop a new generation of Metal Slug weapons. However, to be responsible for the development of research institute was attacked, with a new generation of Metal Slug data of CDS was robbed more, then the enemy use of these precious materials to develop powerful weapons, the world become more volatile. The protagonists in player's control, the PF team members, the purpose is to lose the CDS back, and the enemy strikes back!
instructions: in the game \ 'start \' button to start the game, if in the game \ "OK " when prompted for input, only need to input \ 'left \', \ '\' right keys. Appear when the graphics, you first press the coin, then press start button to start the game.
the game using analog sticks, operation is very convenient. & have spent
the Game support horizontal or vertical version.
the Game support fingers. Method of use: in the Game press 'pay' + 'to' at the same time, a selection menu after press 'B key select "cheat". Some options:
infinite time infinite time
select starting mission choose close
infinite mattress pl1 infinite life
infinite bombs pl1 infinite grenade
infinite ammo pl1 infinite armor
select body type pl1 choose size
select weapon pl1 weapons
selection is completed, select' Return to the Prior Memu "-" "Return to Game" start the Game.

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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Latest version: Size:84.18M

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