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[KO video games city] Introduction

KO video games city v2.4 upgrade, friends can not only open the local network of multiplayer function, only need to open mobile phone hot automatic interconnection, can enjoy the two players face to face can be wired to play arcade, no mobile network, mobile phone flow, not consumption has KO activity function, friends in addition to playing video games can KO activities more. KO video games city is a all-around game simulator software, can simulation run on android phones arcade, GBA handheld games, FC nes and SFC super nintendo games. Software is simple, practical, and can automatically scan a specified directory of the game ROM file, built-in web pages at the same time, the convenient user find the ROM on the net, make you relaxed classic game to play.

function characteristics:

- launched KO activity area

2 - local network multiplayer (arcade games)

- free, no ads - support archive - game simulator, the operation is simple and easy to use

- in the network search ROM quick convenient

- delicate user interface

- most of the game can automatically match the cover icon

- does not restrict coin-operated arcade

- perfect solve the problem of multi-touch

- support physical buttons map

contact email: [email protected] players exchange group: 236688471 - group (1), 96032550 - group (2)

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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Latest version:2.4.3 Size:28.99M

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