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[The king of fighters 2001 enhanced] Introduction

Classic fighting games. When all the KOF players think KOF has ended, KOF2001, although this is not to SNK works, but at least KOF the enthusiasm of the players will be able to continue. In the KOF2000 gang of four, on the basis of KOF2001 can customize the appearance, can play four one. Of course tank weapons and armor and energy will increase or decrease by turnout. CANCEL the counterattack and protection mode. Some trick can consume two chi to CANCEL the super killer response. MAX super also consume two gas. Aid can also breathe out multiple attack, but have requirements on expiration time. When the role, the other party in the defense, the other can be attacked in exhaled.
instructions: in the game \ 'start \' button to start the game, if in the game \ "OK " when prompted for input, only need to input \ 'left \', \ '\' right keys. Appear when the graphics, you first press the coin, and then press start button to start the game.
the game using analog sticks, operation is very convenient.
all hidden characters can choose
the infinite spirit

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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Latest version:1.0.2 Size:44.95M

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