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[Magic Piano (Magic Piano)] Introduction

sound great piano application. Won a Apple "best application this week" title, can easily pop up all kinds of piano music.

edit comments: sound great piano application. Won a Apple "best application this week" title, can easily pop up all kinds of piano music.

from Bruno & middot; Mars to Mozart, ranking the first piano easily play music of the most popular games, now also introduced is suitable for the HD version! Every day can get free music and enjoy all the piano in the application of the largest music catalogue. Open the game mode to unlock the achievement and free music, or just relax and play your favorite tunes. Join more than 10 million Magic Piano player, experience the fun of playing the Piano - without practice.

more than 900 songs - add new music every week!
all the piano in the application of the largest music catalogue for your choice.

- application regularly increase out hot new song, please check the new music and released a free music every day!
- through play music and watch the video to win new
- with the iPhone and the tablet? Your music will be synchronized between multiple devices.

in the application of the current music include:

? Love You Like a Love Song
? Apologize
? Grenade
? Fireflies
? American

? Clocks (band Coldplay)
? The Final Countdown
? "Bringing Me to Life
? Hey There Delilah
? How to Save a Life

? Ave maria
? Moonlight sonata
? Ode to joy

movies and musical:
? A Whole New World
? The phantom of the opera
? "Jurassic park" theme song

wants to also did not provide a piece? On the Facebook page Smule suggested music:

easy to pick and play
Magic Piano let you show a Piano genius temperament anytime and anywhere. According to your own playing your favorite music style, and each time can play the wonderful music.
- follow the beam of light, and guide the touch of your fingertips in the correct keys. Your own control keys, rhythm and tempo, luster let your creativity and expression.
- try a different instrument, will you become the harpsichord, piano's Funky synthesizer in the 80 s, the organ and other instruments more!

all the way to play, climb
into new game play mode, by playing to win rewards! From "new" to start your journey to win "piano master" status.
- through promotion to unlock the achievement and badges, win a free music and music climb to the top of the list all the way.
- change the difficulty of each piece of music: easy, medium, difficult, or automatically, let yourself to meet the unique challenges.

with all over the world to share your play
with your friends and other Magic Piano players to share the beauty of music.
- through the application of Smule Globe transmit your play, or enjoy the music of the other players and play for them.
- via Facebook, Twitter and email to share your clips. Or invite your friends and give them free music!

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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Latest version:1.3.5 Size:19.64M

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