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App Type:Action Shooting

[tintin] Introduction

"In recent years played the best and most creative film carrying game. [...] whether fans story or novice, will enjoy the cool young journalist adventure" - Pocket Gamer
"tintin: is the secret of the unicorn, is currently a very complete game plot." 4.5/5 - Touch Gen evaluation

in the film's official authorization Android version of the game, explore tintin stimulus in the world!
the treasure and adventure is waiting for each want to uncover the unicorn secret adventurer!

an endless supply of new stimulus
use hidden technique which can escape the guards, a sword fight, fly a plane, solve puzzles, riding camels, find more exciting experience.

tintin and friend concentric harmonic force can't alone!
in the story, he will need the help of friends,
you can manipulate his dog snowy, hadad, the captain even legend Sir Francis hadad grams of cuhk pirates era.


no boundaries common and professional players of any age can enjoy the fun of the game,
the operation is simple, easy to interact with the game environment,
just a finger gently slips (or tilt the phone) and can explore the world, to gather clues and items or fighting against the bad guys.

a wonderful 3 d world
each building and each role is a very detailed 3 d graphics and animation, perfection the movie style.
marin history park manor, the vagaries of desert, Carla plastic Yang are in HD, let you personally.
to each love adventure, mystery, action, puzzles and platform game friend.

game graphics and content may varies depending on type.

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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Latest version:1.1.2 Size:3.14M

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