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[Die of despair] Introduction

No one really remember disaster origin and where... But the moment... Has been all over the city. "M" virus... Most of the symptoms of infected people is quick death in a few days... But there are not so lucky. Virus mutation throughout the whole city. Infected people were forced to isolate biochemical dome area in the city of para milla. Someone joked that area as a "safety", but everyone knows, in fact it is a death dome. "M" virus death dome in the area to expand reproduction, eventually strong enough to independence from the host survival, strong enough to become a... Beast!

the only thing I remember is the name of phoenix, other things, previous experiences have not remember... Now the only thing I know is all beasts are not annihilate them will never release death dome, so only by me to kill all these variants... I am only a man!

with terrible enemy battle
be swallowed up by the virus in the city with large variation beast a bloody battle!

evolution combo skill!
through continuous fighting grasp new fighting style and skills, flexible use, and in the new battle to the enemy quashed DangJin!

find loot!
in prosper once the city ruins of searching forgotten treasures!

element with natural weapons and armor! The attached
use acid, inflammation and electricity and other natural elements of weapons and equipment, to have a long time to attack the enemy's key!

death's despair is available as a free game, but you can also choose to pay real money to buy in-game special props.

use of the program is subject to Glu Mobile's terms of use. With the collection and use of personal data in Glu Mobile privacy policy. Policy and the terms and conditions can be accessed at Additional terms may apply.

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Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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Latest version:1.0.2 Size:25.21M

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